Dorothy And The Wizard of OZ Story PDF

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a young girl named Dorothy. She lived on a farm in Kansas with her aunt and uncle, and her only friend was a little dog named Toto.

One day, a huge tornado swept through Kansas and carried Dorothy and Toto away to a magical land called Oz. When they landed, they found themselves in a strange and wonderful place filled with talking animals, flying monkeys, and a wicked witch.

Dorothy soon met a scarecrow, a tin man, and a lion, who were all on a journey to see the Wizard of Oz. They needed the Wizard’s help to get what they wanted most – a brain, a heart, and courage, respectively. Dorothy wanted to go back home to Kansas, so she decided to join them on their journey.

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As they traveled through the Land of Oz, they had many adventures and faced many challenges. But they also made many new friends, and they helped many people along the way.

Finally, they reached the Wizard’s palace in the Emerald City, and he agreed to help them if they completed a task for him. With the help of their new friends, they were able to complete the task and the Wizard granted them their wishes.

Dorothy was able to return to Kansas, and she was very happy to be back home. But she knew that she would always treasure the memories of her journey to Oz and her friends she met along the way.

As you lay down in your bed and close your eyes, let the memories of Dorothy’s journey take you to the magical land of Oz and let you have a peaceful and sweet dream.

The end.

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