Major Project Ideas For CSE Students

1. E-commerce Recommendation Engine: Build a recommendation system for online stores to enhance customer satisfaction and sales.

2. Traffic Management System: Implement a smart traffic control system to reduce congestion and improve safety.

3. Augmented Reality Educational App: Develop an AR app to enhance learning experiences in various subjects.

4. Natural Language Processing Chatbot: Create a conversational AI chatbot for customer support or information retrieval.

5. Cybersecurity Threat Detection: Build a tool to detect and mitigate cyber threats in real-time.

6. Smart Home Automation: Design a system to control home appliances and security using IoT and AI.

7. Blockchain-Based Voting System: Create a secure and transparent voting system using blockchain technology.

8. Machine Learning for Medical Diagnosis: Develop a system that uses ML to diagnose diseases from medical images.

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