Robotics Project Ideas For Beginners

1. Obstacle-Avoiding Robot: Create a simple bot that navigates around obstacles using ultrasonic sensors.

2. Line-Following Robot: Build a robot that can follow a line on the ground using infrared sensors.

3. Remote-Controlled Robot: Construct a basic remote-controlled robot using an Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

4. Mini Sumo Robot: Design a small robot that competes in a sumo-style arena to push opponents out.

Robotic Arm: Assemble a 3-DOF robotic arm for tasks like picking and placing objects.

6. Light-Following Robot: Make a bot that moves towards light sources using LDR (light-dependent resistors).

7. Voice-Controlled Robot: Create a voice-activated robot using a speech recognition module.

8. Maze-Solving Robot: Build a bot that can navigate through a maze autonomously with IR or ultrasonic sensors.

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