8 stem project ideas

1. DIY Solar Oven: Create a solar-powered oven using cardboard and foil for eco-friendly cooking.

2. Hydroelectric Power Generator: Build a small generator to demonstrate electricity production from flowing water.

3. Robotic Arm: Construct a robotic arm for learning about robotics and coding.

4. Rube Goldberg Machine: Design a complex contraption to perform a simple task in a fun and intricate way.

5. Biodiversity Study: Research and document local plant and animal species for ecological awareness.

6. 3D Printing Project: Utilize a 3D printer to make practical or artistic objects, exploring technology.

7. Water Filtration System: Engineer a system to purify water with common materials, emphasizing clean water access.

8. Coding a Video Game: Develop a simple video game using coding skills, enhancing programming knowledge.

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