10 Solar System Project Ideas

1. Scale Model of the Solar System: Create a physical representation of the solar system, showing the relative sizes and distances of celestial bodies.

2. Planet Research Posters: Assign students to research and present detailed information about individual planets in the solar system.

3. Planet Mobile: Craft a hanging display featuring the planets, providing a visual representation of their positions.

4. Solar System Diorama: Build a 3D scene inside a container to depict the solar system with planets and their relative positions.

5. Orrery Model: Construct a mechanical model illustrating the orbital motions of planets around the sun.

6. Solar System Board Game: Design an educational board game where players learn about the solar system while playing.

7. Planetarium Show: Present a simulated night sky and educate about celestial objects in a planetarium setting.

8. Solar System Artwork: Create art inspired by the planets and outer space.

9. Astronomical Observations: Organize a trip to an observatory or planetarium for hands-on stargazing and learning.

10. Virtual Solar System Tours: Develop a digital tour allowing users to explore the solar system in virtual or augmented reality environments.

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