Rajasthan cities you must visit for some unforgettable journeys


One of Rajasthan's most beautiful cities is the City of Lakes. It is also a luxurious vacation spot and has some of the best vintage hotels.


The magnificent Mehrangarh Forts and the numerous street marketplaces of Jodhpur are well-known. This city is enchanted!


Chittorgarh is the stuff of legends; enter Padmaavat by Malik Muhammad. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this massive fort is.


It often known as the Pink City, which has imposing forts, museums, galleries, marketplaces, and other attractions. Straight from a historical text!

Sawai Madhopur - Ranthambore

It is made even more alluring by the stately Ranthambore Fort. Beware of the large cats.


With its vibrant, frescoed havelis and homes, spice shops, and more, Bikaner epitomises Rajasthan.


Another lovely city in Rajasthan is Bundi, which is well-known for its extraordinary architectural beauty and historical significance.


With its golden sand dunes and camping possibilities deep in the desert, Jaisalmer is a unique experience.


Unexpectedly, it is also a highly valued city for Hindus and is the location of an old Brahma temple.

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