How to use ChatGPT on Slack

1. Create a workspace on Slack or use an existing one.

2. Invite ChatGPT to your workspace by clicking on the "Apps" icon on the sidebar, searching for "ChatGPT", and clicking "Add to Slack".

3. Once ChatGPT is added to your workspace, you can start a conversation with it by clicking on the "ChatGPT" app in the sidebar

4. Type your message or question to ChatGPT and wait for a response.

5. If you want to customize ChatGPT's response or provide additional information, you can use the Slack thread feature to continue the conversation.

6. You can also use ChatGPT's slash commands to access specific features, such as /ask or /summarize.

7. To remove ChatGPT from your workspace, click on the "Apps" icon on the sidebar, find ChatGPT, and click "Remove App".

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