Cracker Barrel Valentines Day Proposal Trend

For Valentine's Day, the chain has something special planned.

Five lucky couples will be able to eat at Cracker Barrel for free for a whole year thanks to a contest that was announced on its website.

The catch is that each couple must get engaged at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in order to get the prize.

According to the website, couples who want to get engaged at Cracker Barrel have until February 16 to post an Instagram video of their proposal.

And they have to add a caption explaining "why they chose the famous restaurant to propose at."

The website requires candidates to follow the official Cracker Barrel Instagram account and utilise the hashtags #ISaidYesAtCrackerBarrel and #Contest in their images.

Cracker Barrel offers less serious Valentine's Day options if you're not ready to propose.

On the days leading up to Valentine's Day, the establishment is offering a free dessert with two entrées.