8 Most popular programming languages for automation

1. Go (Golang) - Emerging as a choice for cloud-native automation and microservices, Go offers efficiency and speed in automation tasks.

2. C# - Popular for Windows automation, C# is commonly used with the .NET framework for desktop and web automation.

3. Java - Ideal for automation in enterprise environments, Java is utilized for building automation frameworks and tools.

4. Bash - Essential for automating Linux and Unix systems, Bash is a powerful shell scripting language.

5. Ruby - Known for its elegant syntax, Ruby is valuable for automation and scripting, especially in the context of DevOps.

6. PowerShell - Windows-centric scripting language with robust automation capabilities for system administration tasks.

7. JavaScript - Widely used for web automation, JavaScript is essential for browser automation through tools like Selenium.

8. Python - Renowned for its simplicity and versatility, Python is a top choice for automation due to its extensive libraries and strong community support.

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