12 Must-See Shows during Mexico City Art Week

1. Sarabia's "Four Minutes of Darkness" at OMR explores a solar eclipse's transformative power with 30+ new works.

2. Castillo Alfaro's "Naab Taanaj" at guadalajara90210 reinterprets Mesoamerican symbols using steel and obsidian.

3. Lezama's "Velo y Alquimia: Early Works" at Galería Hilario Galguera showcases early provocative political paintings.

4. "MASA + Luhring Augustine" at MASA Galería features eight Luhring Augustine artists and six MASA Galería designers.

5. Sands's "Encounters" at JO-HS is a series of nine paintings exploring desire and fantasy.

6. Vera's "Scent of Time" at Saenger Galería features textured landscape paintings inspired by Simmel's philosophy.

7. Castro's "Quemando la Casa" at MAIA Contemporary sparks conversations about nature reclaiming human infrastructure.

8. "Playing with closed eyes" at Galería RGR celebrates a century of Surrealism with works from Carrington and Horna.

9. Orozco's "Circular Identity" at kurimanzutto explores artmaking's relationship with place using leaf imprints.

10. Koch's "Casi Concreto" at Travesia Cuatro covers drawings, paintings, and studies, showcasing her Brazilian art contributions.

11. Allen's "Germ" at Casa Siza explores growth and transformation with a subdued palette and seedling motifs.

12. "Open Edition" at Casa Pedro Ramírez Vàzquez, curated by Nilufar Gallery, showcases contemporary design pieces with Pedro Ramírez Vàzquez's architecture.

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