10 unique business ideas for school project

1. Custom 3D Printed Jewelry: Offer customized 3D-printed jewelry design and production services.

2. Plant Rental Service: Rent indoor plants for short-term use in homes and offices.

3. Virtual Reality Travel Agency: Provide virtual reality travel experiences for popular destinations.

4. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Subscription Box: Sell subscription boxes filled with eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

5. Pet Spa on Wheels: Offer mobile pet grooming services with spa-like treatments.

6. Digital Detox Retreats: Host retreats promoting technology-free, mindfulness-focused experiences.

7. Customized Sneaker Design Studio: Allow customers to design and receive personalized sneakers.

8. Personalized Nutrition and Meal Planning: Create custom nutrition plans based on individual dietary needs.

9. Vintage Car Rental for Special Occasions: Rent out vintage cars for events and celebrations.

10. Virtual Language Learning Platform: Connect language learners with native speakers for online lessons.

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