10 Things To Never Buy at Costco

1. Perishable Produce: Buying bulk perishable items may lead to waste.

2. Small Appliances: Better deals can often be found during sales events or online.

3. Books: Costco's book prices may not be competitive.

4. Diapers and Baby Products: You can find better deals and discounts elsewhere.

5. Cleaning Supplies: Prices may not always be lower at Costco.

6. Clothing: Quality and value may vary, and alternatives could be better.

7. Toilet Paper and Paper Towels: Not all are cost-effective; compare unit prices.

8. Perfume and Cosmetics: Specialty stores or online might offer better prices.

9. Mattresses: Limited selection; dedicated mattress stores offer more choices.

10. Prescription Medications: Prices can differ among pharmacies; shop around for better deals.

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