10 BCA Final Year Project

1. Vehicle Rental System: Develop a reservation system for renting vehicles, including user registration, booking, and payment processing.

2. Task Management Application: Create a tool for managing tasks, to-do lists, and project deadlines.

3. E-Learning Portal: Build an online learning platform with courses, quizzes, and progress tracking.

4. Social Networking Platform: Develop a custom social media platform with user profiles, posts, and messaging features.

5. Employee Payroll System: Design a system to automate payroll calculations, tax deductions, and generate payslips.

6. Inventory Management System: Create a tool to track and control inventory levels, sales, and orders for a business.

7. Library Management System: Develop a software to manage library resources, including book checkouts, returns, and inventory.

8. Student Information System: Build a database-driven system to track student records, attendance, and academic performance.

9. Hospital Management System: Design a system to manage patient records, appointments, and billing for a healthcare facility.

10. Web Application for Online Shopping: Create an e-commerce platform with features like user authentication, product catalog, and secure payment options.

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