Write one paragraph of 5-7 sentences on each of the 6 topics below. This is a total of three paragraphs. You should use this three paragraph format for all discussion boards. Make sure to include key concepts from your readings or other material posted in Module 4.

  1. What are the major structures of the neuron? What are the major functions of the structures you just listed?
  2. What is the difference between afferent and efferent neurons? Explain a real-world example of afferent processing. Explain a real-world example of efferent processing.
  3. List 3 neurotransmitters and describe their role in behavior. Considering the neurotransmitter dopamine, give 3 examples of behaviors that would increase your own dopamine levels.
  4. Describe the sleep cycle. Make sure to include a discussion of the 4 stages of sleep. Also be sure to include an explanation of the difference between non-REM and REM sleep.
  5. Why is sleep so important for students? Describe two times in your life when you did not get enough sleep. How did it make you feel both physically and cognitively?
  6. Describe a form of altered consciousness that does not include drug use. Describe a form of altered consciousness that does include drug use.

link: https://openstax.org/books/psychology/pages/4-introduction