From ages six to twelve there begins the level of which children have the ability to think in concrete ways.  This is referred to ask concrete operations in the stage of cognitive development. With cognitively developing children are at risk because though they have the ability to think in a concrete or solid manner, does not mean all of the decisions that they make will be sound or reasonable.

Piaget considered the concrete stage a major turning point in the child’s cognitive development, because it marks the beginning of logical or operational thought. McLeod (2010)

Those who are participating in acts such as cyber bullying must not be fully aware of all the harmful side effects that comes from cyber bullying. This is why I make the connection of not being able to fully grasp all concepts and act appropriately on them. 

One way cyber bullying can have less of an effect on a child is by the parents and guardians of these children teaching the importance of self worth and expressing to them that the way one disturbed bully feels about you has no justification how you truly are as a person. I think if that was instilled more into young individuals then there would be a lesser percentage of those being cyber bullied and later harming themselves.

Especially since the age of six and above is crucial to learning things, why not teach how to let disheartening remarks slide and how to allow for good remarks to make for better socialization and sense of community among one another as a way to mitigate risks from predators. 

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-Adler, Liora C.