Answer the following 7 questions in 150+ words with intext citations and references.  Also include Textbook in references.

1-Differential reinforcement and punishment -Apply differential reinforcement and punishment procedures to various scenarios.

2-Shaping with interventions and behavior – Explain the steps needed to shape behavior using various interventions and procedures.

3-Discrimination – Explain how to teach a skill using discrimination.

4-Satiation and Deprivation – Explain the role of satiation and deprivation in behavior patterns.

5-Task Analysis – What is a task analysis, and when might you benefit from completing one?    Please share an example of a task that you’ve analyzed.   How could you use this information?

6-Shaping – Shaping is an important part of how we teach a new behavior.  What is an example of a behavior that may require shaping? What role does differential reinforcement play in shaping this new behavior?  Does punishment come into play in this process?


7 -Motivation Operations – Review the material from our text related to motivation operations.   What are some examples of these?   How might these impact learning?   How might these impact behavior?