Identify and explain themes and features, such as perpetrator, family, or victim characteristics, that seem to be common to all three types of family violence: sibling abuse, caregiver abuse, and parricide. Identify and explain themes and features that differ among these types of family violence. Consider the roles and responsibilities of forensic psychology professionals. Pick the type of family violence among the three that interests you the most and that would be professionally relevant. Identify features of this type of violence with limited or no information. Explain why you think a forensic psychology professional would need more information about these features. For example: In parricide, little is known about the victims of parricide. Information about the victims’ characteristics, as well as their relationships with the perpetrator and other family members, could assist case workers in identifying families at risk of parricide [further explain why . . . ]. Describe how you would conduct a scholarly literature review to gather more information about the features that you have identified.