5-6 pages in length/APA Format with title page, References (at least 5 current), etc. 

Compare (Contrast) Child Centered Play Therapy with one other theoretical approach to play therapy or expressive arts 

a. Description of CCPT and other approach: Compare and contrast 

b. View of Child/Personality Development of CCPT and other approach: Compare and contrast 

c. The role of therapeutic relationship of CCPT and other approach: Compare and contrast 

d. Two or three interventions specific to the model: Compare and contrast 

e. Ethical/Multi-Cultural Considerations: Compare and contrast 

f. Research validation: Compare and contrast 

g. Your brief personal reactions to the two paradigms and which one(s) you want to utilize and why (This last section only should be written in 1st person) 

Additional Instructions: 

Be sure to utilize subheadings in your paper. Strict adherence to APA format is expected. Please refer to the rubrics. Please remember that this is a research paper. Focus on recent text- books and peer-reviewed research articles within the past 10 years or so. Please use references throughout the paper. Writing must be in the third person (personal reactions and first person may not be included except in the 5th area from the outline above). Include a reference list (no less than 

5 references). The body of pages should not go beyond 6 pages (body not including references).