Option #2: A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Consultation

You are an international consultant and have been asked to help a large multinational organization develop the criteria for a new position: Global Ethics Director (GED). Your paper will be given to the CEO and senior leadership representatives from five countries where the organization has offices. These countries are the United States, Denmark, South Africa, New Zealand, and Brazil.

Assume that your Multi-National Company (MNC) has experienced negative press for its poor sustainability and ethics record in the past. Create a logical scenario and describe what the MNC did poorly, the impact of that poor performance, and what needs to be corrected. Base your answers to the following on that scenario:

  • Assess the potential role of the GED in each of the MNC’s locations, above. To do so, you will need to analyze why and how this role is critically important to the MNC.
  • What credentials and experience do you recommend be required for the GED position, keeping in mind the cultural and socio-political differences among the five countries.
  • Devise a plan for how the new GED should establish and maintain relationships with each of the MNC’s international offices.
  • Formulate performance metrics for the position and describe how the position will be monitored.

Your well-written paper must adhere to the following parameters:

  • 8 pages in length, not including the title and reference pages
  • Supported by twelve references, with at least ten scholarly references. Remember, you must support your thinking/opinions and prior knowledge with references; all facts must be supported; in-text references used throughout the assignment must be included in an APA-formatted reference list

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, review your assigned textbook chapters, especially the Technologies and Health Care Developments time line in Section 10.1, and the other required readings for this week: The financial and nonfinancial costs of implementing electronic health records in primary care practices, The business case for implementing electronic health records in primary care settings in the United States, OCR Privacy Brief: Summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule (Links to an external site.), Sick Around the World (Links to an external site.), Electronic Health Records: Privacy and Security (Links to an external site.).

Health care systems around the world provide different levels and types of care, but funding foreign systems differs greatly from the United States. Choose a country other than the United States and research its health care system.

For this discussion, you will provide an overview of your selected country’s health care system. In your main response, address the following elements, which includes your answers to the questions below:

  • Describe any foreign health care system by answering the following questions:
    • How do the citizens of the country access health care?
    • How do the citizens of the country pay for health care?
    • What is the quality of the health care they receive? Are there unique services provided?
    • How is technology used within the system to benefit patients and health outcomes?
    • What are at least one pro and one con of your chosen country’s system?
  • Identify at least two examples of similarities between your selected country and the U.S. health care system.
  • Differentiate between U.S. health care and your chosen country’s health care system by sharing at least two differences.

You must use government resources from your chosen country in addition to your textbook for your research and response. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for any discussion or assignment. You may also want to review What Is CRAAP? A Guide to Evaluating Web Sources (Links to an external site.

ommunity Needs Worksheet

BSHS/428 Version 2


University of Phoenix Material

Community Needs Worksheet

Part 1: COMMUNITY NEEDS PRIMER ― Program Problems

Read the scenario below, which details a set of errors with a community problem identification, program planning, and needs assessment. Answer the questions below, using appropriate course-level APA format, if you use outside sources. Your response to each question should be approximately 100 words.

Jane Smith reads an article online from the Tiny Town Gazette about human trafficking. Trafficking is said to be “a serious problem” in a neighboring town of some 20,000 persons. Jane asks a few people she knows from her bridge club what they think about the situation and any solutions they may have. Based on the strength of her readings and of her friends’ remarks, she decides that this is a gripping social problem, and she will start a residential shelter for victims of human trafficking.

Jane chooses a site she can rehab for a program, withdraws her IRA funds to purchase the building, and employs workers and trades to bring the facility up to code. She selects her target population: international trafficking victims in the town – both male and female. After announcing her plans in the local papers, she finds she has great opposition from the community both in the editorial pages of the local papers, as well as physically protesting the site itself.

1. Jane Smith did not follow the proper process of identifying a problem for her program. What should she have done differently to successfully identify a valid problem within the community?

2. What problems and pitfalls did Jane Smith ignore when she was planning her program? What issues will poor planning cause later when Jane tries to implement her program?

3. What did you observe about potential challenges and risks with the methods Jane used in conducting her needs assessment? How will this impact her program and the program outcomes?

4. Think of a social problem you are interested in addressing in professional practice or field experience. How would problems similar to the ones in the scenario create unsuccessful outcomes for programs you hope to design in the future?

Part 2: Issues Plaguing Your Community

Every community has needs or issues that can plague its community members. These issues are most often related to disparity and lack of resources, and the basic needs of families, people, and animals not being met. The purpose of Parts 2 and 3 of this assignment is to learn more about your specific community and the met and/or unmet needs that you see. Use your text book, Internet research, and what you already know about your own community to complete the questionnaire. Start your questionnaire research by visiting your community’s local health and human services website, often referred to as the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Social Services, and/or Department of Economic Security. One of the most comprehensive websites to visit for general information is the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, http://www.hhs.gov/.

This assignment – and the research you do to complete it – will become the foundation of your career work in your chosen field of human services. All professional work begins with your understanding of the needs of your community. Please add any additional needs you identify.

Note: Your work and research on the social problem you chose to jointly investigate with your teams will aid you in your Week 2 assignment.

Research the following issues, and rank the seriousness of the issues in your community on a 1-4 scale:

(1) No Problem, (2) Minor Problem, (3) Moderate Problem, (4) Serious Problem

Community Problem

Rank Quantitative Research, Comments and References



Child abuse    

Treatment options for children and adolescent trauma survivors can include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and crisis management to reduce anxiety, worry, and fear of repeated trauma. Play therapy is an effective method often used with young children with posttraumatic stress disorder because they often have difficulty dealing with trauma directly. Cases in which a child or adolescent is acting out sexually in response to a sexual trauma or in which he or she may be using drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism as a result of trauma often require additional treatment modalities.

For this Assignment, review the media program Trauma and consider the symptomology of PTSD and how trauma can affect children and adolescents. Then, select a different type of childhood or adolescent trauma from the one you selected for the Discussion. Consider the posttraumatic stress symptoms that are likely to occur and what type of treatment interventions you might use to treat the child or adolescent. Also, think about how you might support or educate parents or guardians as they attempt to support their child or adolescent.

The Assignment (2–3 pages):

Describe a major trauma or event that may occur to children and/or adolescents.

Describe three potential symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder that may occur as a result of the major trauma or event, and explain why these symptoms may occur.

Describe one intervention you might use in treating this type of trauma. Justify the selection of your intervention using the week’s resources and current literature.

Explain two ways you might educate or support the parents/guardians as they help their child or adolescent through the trauma. Be specific.

Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the week’s resources for this course.


Assignment Content

  1. Staffing metrics can be short term or long term, as well as efficiency- or effectiveness-oriented. Short-term metrics can be used as leading indicators to gauge a company’s ability to place the right people in the right jobs at the right time. Meantime, long-term metrics are best for evaluating the effectiveness of a staffing system, because they drive the financial impact of staffing for the organization.

    Choose an organization with which you are familiar.

    Evaluate in 700 to 1,050 words three metrics that are—or should be—used to determine how well the staffing process meets the needs of the organization.

    Describe the metrics selected for discussion.

    Assess how these help the organization determine effectiveness.

    Use the information available in Staffing Organizations, Ch. 13, and supplement it with your own research..

    Cite any sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

Intro to Human Services

Dis 1

Compare and contrast the human services field with the social work and psychology disciplines. Describe the similarities and differences. What does it mean to be a “generalist” in comparison with other human service professions? Use supportive material from the reading assignment, citing your source in-text and listing your reference.

Dis 2

Read the two articles by John Scalzi posted in the Content area. Then play the game “Spent” from the link in the Content area. Try the game at least three times. In your post, discuss your experience with playing the game. What did you learn? When did you run out of money? Next, describe the “Myth of the Welfare Queen,” including the roots of this myth and the short- and long-term effects of its existence. Use supportive material from the reading assignment, citing your source in-text and listing your reference.

Dis 3

In your post, define empathy and sympathy and compare and contrast them. How are they different? Next, discuss the following: Most human services professionals will, at some point, work with clients whose values and actions they find difficult to accept, or even reprehensible. How might a professional increase his or her capacity to empathize with these individuals? Use supportive material from the reading assignment, citing your source in-text and listing your reference.

Dis 4

Read the article in the Content area about reunification. In your post, explore some of the psychological dynamics experienced by many biological children removed from their biological homes and placed into nonrelative foster care. Include discussion of some ways human service professionals can assist foster care children with this transition. Use supportive material from the reading assignment, citing your source in-text and listing your reference.



Dis 5

In your post, discuss the following: A wide variety of therapeutic interventions exist for adolescents, ranging from weekly outpatient sessions with a counselor through programs such as Outward Bound to inpatient facilities with a range of programs and supports. Ideally, adolescent clients would receive the level of treatment most appropriate for their situation; in reality, what other factors play a role in the type and level of treatment that adolescents receive? Use supportive material from the reading assignment, citing your source in-text and listing your reference.

Dis 6

In your post, respond to the following questions: What are some of the major ways in which the needs of older adults are different from those of other groups of human service clients? In what ways are older adults’ needs similar to those of other groups? Use supportive material from the reading assignment, citing your source in-text and listing your reference.

Dis 7

Discuss the following in your post: We have seen that societal attitudes about vulnerable populations have a marked impact on policies and practices. This is clearly illustrated by the historical treatment of the mentally ill. How do current stereotypes and attitudes about individuals with mental illnesses affect the treatment options available to them? Use supportive material from the reading assignment, citing your source in-text and listing your reference.

Dis 8

Specific groups of homeless people – young families, veterans, older adults, individuals with mental illness, and homeless youth– have a wide variety of underlying needs. Choose ONE of these populations and describe the ways a human service professional might address their needs. Use supportive material from the reading assignment, citing your source in-text and listing your reference.




Dis 9

In your post, respond to the following: What are some ways in which human service professionals can assist patients in an emergency room setting? Given that human service professionals in hospitals have only one or two brief contacts with their clients, and they serve a wide variety of people with varying circumstances, how might these factors shape the way they do their work? Use supportive material from the reading assignment, citing your source in-text and listing your reference.

Dis 10

Choose one of the populations highlighted in Chapter 14 (e.g., rural African Americans, rural Caucasians, the rural poor, etc.), and discuss the strategies human service professional should use to assist them effectively. Include discussion of rural cultural competence in your post. Use supportive material from the reading assignment, citing your source in-text and listing your reference.

Dis 11

In your post, respond to the following: Most states now require school social workers, counselors, and psychologists to hold master’s degrees in their fields, with several hundred hours’ worth of internship experience and often with a special certification. Why is it important for human services provider positions in schools to be so highly professionalized? Use supportive material from the reading assignment, citing your source in-text and listing your reference.

Dis 12

In your post, respond to the following: Recent changes in policy have opened up more opportunities for faith-based organizations to receive government funding. What are some of the potential advantages of this shift? What are some potential dangers or drawbacks? Use supportive material from the reading assignment, citing your source in-text and listing your reference.





Dis 13

In your post, respond to the following: In working with victims of domestic violence, a human service professional may find it deeply distressing when a client continues to return to an abusive partner. What generalist practice skills might a professional use to assist her or him in respecting the client’s right to self-determination? Use supportive material from the reading assignment, citing your source in-text and listing your reference.

Dis 14

In your post, respond to the following: What is the “War on Drugs”? Has this government policy and approach to drug enforcement been successful in stemming the drug trade? Why or why not? What have social advocates cited as complaints about this set of policies? Use supportive material from the reading assignment, citing your source in-text and listing your reference.

Dis 15

In your post, respond to the following: The ethical codes of organizations such as the NASW call on human service professionals to advocate for social and economic justice around the world. What responsibilities do human services workers in the U.S. have to children who are working in sweatshop conditions? What steps would you suggest to raise public awareness of this issue? Use supportive material from the reading assignment, citing your source in-text and listing your reference.

Dis 16

Visit the National Organization for Human Services’ website and review the ethical standards listed there. In your post, choose TWO of the ethical standards (from the list of Standards 1 through 36) on the NOHS website and discuss the value and importance of these standards in terms of working with clients, families, coworkers and colleagues, or others as a human service professional. For both ethical standards you discuss, give an example of an ethical dilemma that might apply to each and describe how you would resolve them. Use supportive material from the reading assignment, citing your source in-text and listing your reference


It is important to understand how contingency reserves can impact risk evaluation and cost estimation.

If you were the project manager it is critical to understand how contingency reserves impact all areas of cost estimation and ultimately the project. Consider that the company has had some difficulty setting up a method for cost estimations so this is a critical area for understanding how stakeholders will continue to support the organization.

Select a company that would benefit from valuing cost estimations and contingency reserves. Prepare a paper of 4 pages (not including the first page and APA references) explaining the development of a method for cost estimation that will include contingency reserves. Be sure to include 2 outside references in APA format.

Determine how to evaluate a company’s contingency reserves.

Recommend strategies on how companies need to apply risk techniques in order to have contingency reserves.


  • Define project risk and contingency reserves
  • Differentiate between schedule and cost estimation to project risk
  • Evaluate how risk management affects project outcomes
  • Determine how cost estimates impacts project risks

Write a page covering the questions below:

The company culture can have a positive or negative impact on project cost estimates. This can impact how the company evaluates project risk.

1. Provide an example of how company culture can impact the project cost estimate and how cost estimation is impacted by project risk.

When developing cost estimates generally project managers have prior projects that they have valued for development estimates.

2. Research 3 companies and determine how the business could develop cost estimates for a specific product or service that they offer and discuss whether this would impact their project outcomes.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.


It is important to be able to evaluate risks. There are Cost risk analysis basics that include the Three-Point Estimate, and the Method of Moments. Also, the Monte Carlo Simulation is an important simulation that can be used to evaluate cost risk analysis techniques.

For this assignment, you will be developing a PowerPoint presentation that will provide information about Cost risk analysis. This presentation needs to include information about the three-point estimate, the method of moments, and the Monte Carlo Simulation. Provide an analysis of each technique and how it can be used to help evaluate cost risk analysis.

  • Develop a PowerPoint presentation using the following criteria:
    • 12 slides (Not including title and references) Include Reference Slide with 4 references.
  • Discuss the importance of Cost risk analysis, Three-Point Estimate, and the Monte Carlo Simulation.
  • After you discuss each cost risk analysis discuss how you would use each technique and compare and contrast the methods.

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following questions:

  • How has technology influenced consumer choices? Provide specific examples.
  • How are advances in technology and medicine enabling consumers to live healthier lives?
    • How may they enable you to be or live unhealthy?


Respond to the responses separately 50 word minimum 75 word max: