Integrate the positive and negative effects of social media making global communication easily accessible.


When using social media, the communication barrier of distance is eliminated. This comes with obvious benefits, but it also comes with extra challenges due to the increased potential for misunderstandings with cultural differences and language barriers. The person that knows how to use communication opportunities will have a strong advantage in their work and in their networking and relationships.

This assignment has two parts to it.

Part 1:

Locate and study social media pages of businesses that are making an effort to market their product globally.  You can use any social media platform you choose. Examine what you believe the companies are doing well and what can be improved. Look for ways in which their communication are clear to a large number of people, breaking through language and cultural barriers. Also look for ways in which the pages could be improved due to the limitations and challenges of global communication.

After you have studied several pages that are seeking to reach a large number of people, choose three of them.

1A. Choose the page that you feel does the best job overall.

Describe why you feel like this social media page was the best one that you viewed. Take a screenshot of the page and upload it with your submission.

1B. Choose one that needs improvement.

Describe what you see that needs improvement in their effort to reach people globally. Take a screenshot of the page and upload it with your submission.

1C. Choose one that most closely represents the type of page that you might create in the future. If you have no interest or potential need for ever creating a social media page that is intended to reach the masses globally, then choose one that you are interested in and like.

Describe why you chose this social media page as the one that you can best relate to or like the best. Take a screenshot of the page and upload it with your submission.

Note: Do not use the same social media page for more than one of these three choices. For example, do not say that one social media page was the best and also the one that you would be most likely to create a similar page as.  In other words, do not use one social media page for both 1A and 1C. You need to choose three separate pages in total.

Part 2:

Now you will use what you have learned to create your own social media page with the intent of reaching the masses. You will not need to actually create a page on a social media platform. Creating a fake company or organization online could obviously cause problems. Instead, emulate the formatting of a social media page, and create it so that you can submit it to your instructor.

Take what you learned from Part 1 to create the best fake social media page you can on an imaginary company or organization of your choice. Your company or organization can be anything you want, just ensure that it is class-appropriate. Describe what you learned in this assignment and how you incorporated that knowledge into your social media page.


Design a personal plan to use social media to benefit the student both personally and professionally as well as minimize online mistakes and their impact.


Regardless of the career that you pursue or are currently pursuing, it is likely that the action of securing the resource of friends and professional acquaintances will be as valuable as any other action you could take.

Part 1:

First, take some time to reflect on your career of Healthcare Administration. The choice behind the pursuit you will focus on is a personal choice.

Write two pages on why this particular career and/or pursuit is your choice. Reflecting on the why behind your wish to achieve a goal will help to make it feel more tangible to you. This exercise of reflection should serve to remind you of your motivation and will be a good thing to refer back to if your motivation ever gets low. The “why” behind a pursuit is oftentimes more important than the “how” of a pursuit. If you have a strong enough “why,” you will find the “how.”

Part 2:

For the second part of this assignment, make a list of the types of people that could help you in your career and why those people would be good contacts to have. This list should be general in nature, meaning you should list professions or names of positions within companies rather than specific names.

You should list general fields or positions like accountants, attorneys, marketing managers, CEOs, etc., rather than any specific names. Be sure to list at least five professions or types of people.

Part 3:

Next, consider which social media platforms you could use to make personal contacts that could help you in your pursuit along with why and how you could use each. Ensure that the platform and your use of it line up with the specifics behind your chosen future goal.

Describe at least three different platforms you could use, along with why you would use it, and how you would use it for each of the three. Platform # Why? How? Platform # Why? How? Platform # Why? How?

Competencies Analyze the evolution of social media standards and practices and how it relates to the potential need for regulation of social media, along with ethical concerns. Evaluate psychological theories and their insights into the widely varying opinions and attitudes that are expressed through social media. Compare and contrast new social media marketing trends with more traditional forms of advertising. Assess the development of societal standards in relation to social media and how this can alter social norms in everyday life. Integrate the positive and negative effects of social media making global communication easily accessible. Design a personal plan to use social media to benefit the student both personally and professionally as well as minimize online mistakes and their impact.


Social media use is critical to a dynamic and competitive brand, whether that brand is something you sell, a group home, a non-profit organization, or your self-image. This project will get you thinking about effective ways to shape your social media tools to make the most of your brand, to keep consumers talking and thinking about your brand, and to get interaction from those you seek to sell to or to help. You will take a look at what you post to social media, possible responses or reactions you will receive, as well as use social media trends and society controls to keep your brand meeting your goals.

Your final project should include a plan for the following: how you will utilize a minimum of four social media sites; what your target audience will be; your use of contacts, outreach, and advertising best practices; your posting do’s and don’ts; and explanations of your choices using the sources from the course and others you find.

If you have a real business, brand, or site to work on, you can start by putting the site profiles into the four social media sites you have chosen (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Screenshots will work for these that you have really made. If you don’t really have a business or brand, you do not need to create faux profiles. However, you should write the information you would include in your profile for each one.

In summary, your plan should contain: An introduction to your brand or company Your social media goals and general goals for the brand An analysis of the market comparables — similar businesses/nonprofits/brands, including what has been successful and what hasn’t worked for at least 3 good comparable brands Discussion of societal norms for those comparables. What seem to be the “rules” they follow? Is there open or tacit regulation you’ve noticed? Include how you can expand your influence globally by overcoming potential language and culture barriers   An analysis of advertising and its necessity along with the type of advertising you would do and why An outline of the audience you intend to reach and how to reach them. Be sure to take into account the factors that are in play when attempting to reach an audience that includes a wide range of ages (consider generational differences) A plan for how to use your contacts and add new ones when publicizing and staying connected A plan for each of four social media sites, including profile information and posting ideas Analysis of any of the theories you would use A conclusion

Your project lengths will depend on how much depth you put into your analysis of each section, but to give you a general idea, several paragraphs for most of the bullet points is a good length, and should result in a total of around 10 pages.

 6 or more pages:  


 Page 1 – Cover page 

 Page 2 – abstract 

 Page 3 contains – summary (approximately 11 lines), review (one page or more with no pagebreaks),  comment (one page or more with no page breaks) Last page – References

You will see an exclamation mark in the Gradebook to show that you’ve turned in your assignment – that will change to a grade after your instructor has graded your work. Click on the grade to see the rubrics and comments. It is important that you do this – these comments will help you learn how to become a better critical thinker and writer in your upcoming assignments. Article Links:

Alibi Believeability – The Impact of Salacious Alibi Activities.pdf

Addressing Sexual and Relationship Violence in the LGBT Community Using a Bystander Framework.pdf

False Confessions – Causes, Consequences, and Implications for Reform.pdf

Predicting Officer Physical Assaults at Domestic Assault Calls.pdf

The emotional male victim – Effects of presentation mode on judged credibility.pdf


Violence and imitation.pdf 

The Foundation of Socialization

Using the University Library, search for an article that supports your work. You can find peer-reviewed resources in the Library under the PsycARTICLES database. This will also help to broaden your understanding of the topic being studied each week.

Compare and contrast the child outcomes associated with authoritarian, authoritative, or permissive parenting styles. Do these parenting styles have a positive or negative impact on socialization? Do socioeconomic, political ideology, culture, religious, and ethnic orientations create a bias towards a particular parenting style? How is socialization of the developing child affected by children being raised by divorced parents, single parents, same-sex parents, or multiracial families? What do your peer-reviewed sources say about these variables related to socialization?

A minimum of 400 words required

Explain how different levels of technology have shaped the development of five types of human societies over time. Describe how people in each of those societies use available technology as part of their way of life. If you had a choice to be a member of any one of those societies, including our own, which would you choose, and why? A minimum of 300 words.

Use Multiculturalism and Diversity Chp. 1 attach to respond to Multiculturalism and Diversity responses attach  Multiculturalism and Diversity, Ch. 1   Multiculturalism and Diversity, Ch. 1 Multiculturalism and Diversity, Ch. 1

Create an outline for the “Marginalized Group Career Counseling Essay” in Topic 8.

Include at least four required scholarly references for the paper in your outline.

Refer to “Four Main Components for Effective Outlines,” located on the Purdue OWL website for help in completing your assignment.  see below:

Four Main Components for Effective Outlines


Each heading and subheading should preserve parallel structure. If the first heading is a verb, the second heading should be a verb. Example: CHOOSE DESIRED COLLEGES PREPARE APPLICATION

(“Choose” and “Prepare” are both verbs. The present tense of the verb is usually the preferred form for an outline.)


All the information contained in Heading 1 should have the same significance as the information contained in Heading 2. The same goes for the subheadings (which should be less significant than the headings). Example:


(Campus and websites visits are equally significant. They are part of the main tasks you would need to do. Finding statistics and classes found on college websites are parts of the process involved in carrying out the main heading topics.)


The information in the headings should be more general, while the information in the subheadings should be more specific. Example:

I. DESCRIBE AN INFLUENTIAL PERSON IN YOUR LIFE Favorite high school teacher Grandparent

(A favorite teacher and grandparent are specific examples from the generalized category of influential people in your life.)


Each heading should be divided into 2 or more parts. Example:

I. COMPILE RÉSUMÉ List relevant coursework List work experience List volunteer experience

(The heading “Compile Résumé” is divided into 3 parts.)

Technically, there is no limit to the number of subdivisions for your headings; however, if you seem to have a lot, it may be useful to see if some of the parts can be combined.

6 TOTAL PAGE APA FORMAT Term paper should be written on some type of mental health issue and how it relates to myself or someone in my immediate family. Signs they have shown and any diagnosis are encouraged to be included. Topic should be my wife and her Co-Dependency and her Depression. This paper needs to sound personal, not like its straight out of a diagnosis manual Feel free to ask me for any details you may need, but it needs to sound very personal and real. ntroduction to Psychology Research Paper

Grading Rubric

Research paper: You will construct a research paper on a relevant topic of your choosing from the development chapter 9 that is approved by the instructor.  Papers should be based on scholarly research and written in APA format using references. Your paper is worth a test grade.

Possible points earned                                  

Topic                                                                                                                          25

 Relevant to the course (5pts)

 Approved by instructor (5pts)

 Content is on-topic (5pts)

 Topic is applicable (5pts)

             Research-based (5pts)

Use of research                                                                                                          20

             Based on scholarly journal research that is current (2000-2012) (10)

             Minimum of 4 references (10)

Writing                                                                                                                       20

             Well written, grammatically correct (10)

             Correct use of citations/ references   (10)

Format                                                                                                                       25

             APA format (5pts)

             Includes title page (5pts)

 Includes reference page (5pts)

             Includes Abstract (5pts)

             Minimum of 3 pages length (not including abstract, title page, and reference, 5pts)

Timeliness                                                                                                                  10

             Submission and presentation of paper on time (10)

Total possible points                                                                                                 100


Please use the attach paper to answer the Result and the discussion question, so you can get exactly what I need to be done. Also use Excel to make the table and graph. My experiment table and graph should be between Male and Female. the paper is in the first file while the result and discussion question is in the second file.