What would you do as a forensic examiner who accepted a position in a region of the US that is far removed from anything you knew growing up. The United States is large enough to use this example.  So, if you grew up in New York City, and accepted a forensic psychology job in rural Alabama, how would you specifically learn about the culture so you could ensure competent / ethical forensic write-ups?  In other words,  how  and where do you “learn” cultural competence in a specific cultural setting? 200 words APA at least 1 intext citation

Culture is man-made, and each culture has a collection of created objects that can be studied and compared. People from different geographical regions have created cultures that are shaped by particular environmental challenges and resources. To survive, people have had to adapt to the ecology of the regions in which they live. Furthermore, the objects they created were products of the environment and were limited by the resources that were available. These objects, called objective elements, are the focus of this assignment.

Using the South University Online Library and the Internet, research and select three cultural groups from three different and distinct geographical areas and climates. To accomplish this task, find a city or town in the region you are looking. Usually, that city or town will have either a chamber of commerce page or town pages describing what you will need to know for this assignment, such as population demographics and cultural and community events, as well as restaurant types. It will take some searching, but you should be able to locate much of the information through these sources. Your task is to compare the groups using three objective elements. Determine how the specific environments shaped the creation of the elements. Choose three objective elements from the following list:Culturally specific foodsCultural or community eventsTransportationMusicPhysical artistic creations

For this assignment, complete the following table. Each cell should describe the objective element. In addition, explain how the specific environment shaped the formation of that element.

Comparison of Objective Elements from Three Different Cultures


Groups from Different Geographical Areas

Objective Elements

Culture 1

Culture 2

Culture 3

















In a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document, include the following:The completed comparison table of objective elementsA brief essay explaining what you learned from this assignment and including answers to the following questions:What did you learn about the impact of environment on culture?Did the three cultural groups successfully adapt to their environments?How much did the three different cultural groups alter the environment for survival?

Each assignment in this course will help you prepare your Final Paper. For all assignments, you will use the movie character or historical figure that you used in your Week Two assignment and selected in your Week One journal.

After gathering your patient’s history, it is considered good practice to contact people who interact with the patient on a regular basis and/or are related to the patient. These people often provide valuable insights into the patient’s behavior(s) and mindset. Typically, the gathered information provides a context for the patient’s environment.

For this assignment, you will write another section of your Final Paper.  View the complete instructions for the Final Paper in the link within Week Five of your online course or the “Components of Course Evaluation” section of this guide.   Your assignment this week must cover the following section of your psychological report and include the heading as listed:Collateral Within this section, you will interpret specific collateral information as it relates to your patient’s abnormal behavior and behavior patterns. You will also integrate information and knowledge regarding the patient’s culture in your evaluation of the maladaptive behavior as reported by the collateral sources. 

Typically, this section within a psychological report seeks to answer the following questions (further elaboration within this section is encouraged where possible):What do other people have to say about the patient’s behavior?Are there any commonalities between the collateral sources’ reports?Do the collateral sources have any psychological issues that might exacerbate the patient’s problems?Are there any police reports?Are there any personality testing or intelligence testing reports available?

Your assignment should be a minimum of one page and include sufficient depth and detail to support and inform your diagnostic impression. A title page is not necessary; however, a reference page must be included. A cursory or surface level investigation of the patient’s interpersonal relationships will not provide enough information for your diagnostic impression. If no collateral information is available, create collateral information on your own to inform your diagnostic impression.

Any sources used in the paper must be cited and referenced in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.


Assignment 2: The Case Example **FOR SOLUTIONS PRO.**


In this Module we learned about the three types of multiple murders: Serial, mass or spree murders. (I CHOOSE SERIAL MURDER)Choose one case of multiple murder (either serial, mass or spree). Research the case online (do not use Wikipedia as anything other than a jumping off point) and write a paper summarizing the case. Present this summary in the form of a 3-5 page paper which will be used as a supplemental reading in a class on criminal behavior.  In the paper:

 Provide a detailed description of the case and the type of multiple murders it signifies. Use at least three sources beyond your online notes and assigned textbook. Discuss the reasoning for the crime according to the offender (if available) or other sources Analyze the case in light of at least two psychological theories that may explain or add to the understanding of the event or case Draw a conclusion about the psychological causes of this crime.


Remember, this paper will be assigned as required reading for another class, so make sure that you appropriately define all of the psychological terms that you use as if you were writing for someone who does not have any background in the subject.

Please be sure to include a cover page and a reference page. The paper should be appropriately formatted and cited in accordance to APA standards.




Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Chose an appropriate case and identified the type of multiple murder.


Described the case thoroughly based on outside resources. There should be at least 3 outside sources.


Described the reasoning for the crime. This may be derived directly from the offender account or indirectly through other sources.


Described relevant psychological theories that apply to the case.


Drew conclusion about the crime in terms of the psychological theories presented.


Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources, displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.







Follow the attatchment guidlines. 

use Excel to create a histogram from grouped frequency data

There are six ways in which a person and the situation interact to shape a person’s goals, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

These are:

 1. Different persons respond differently to the same situation.

2. Situations choose the person.

3. Persons choose the situation.

4. Different situations can prime different parts of the person.

5. Persons change the situation.

6. Situations change the person.

As part of your answer:Discuss what is meant by each of these dyads.Provide an example of how each one works.Assume you are a supervisor. How would you work within each of these situations with your employees to increase employee motivation? How would your decisions be affected by each person-situation dyad?Assume that you are an industrial/organizational consultant brought into the same office as asked to study these person-situation interactions in order to advise management how to best put them to use to increase employee motivation which research design would you use? Why is this design the best fit for this office situation?

PSY 302 Administrative Assistant Paper

This short paper assignment requires that you locate an individual not associated with this course to interview. The interview will take approximately 10–15 minutes to complete. The interview will be most effective in person, but if this is not possible the interview can take place over the phone, through email, or through any other appropriate means of technology. During the interview, you will present the interviewee with the Heinz dilemma, made famous by Kohlberg, and after a review of the dilemma, you will ask follow-up questions. You will review your interviewee’s responses and select which stage of moral development is indicated by the each of the responses. You will reflect on if you believe this is an accurate assessment of the individual’s level of moral development. Utilizing criticisms of Kohlberg’s model and this experience, you will construct a position on the utility of Kohlberg’s model for assessing moral development. Consider if Kohlberg’s theory accounts for atypical moral development (i.e., criminal behavior or aggressive actions). 

For additional details, please refer to the Module Eight Short Paper Guidelines and Rubric document in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course.




This week’s discussion touched on changes in perception regarding psychopathology in response to shifts in societal attitudes toward specific behaviors. Now, let us look critically at treatments in general. A number of treatments for currently diagnosable disorders have been discontinued, such as trepanning and lobotomies, because they were discredited and are now considered crude and/or barbaric. A number of disorders have been completely removed from diagnostic manuals and their corresponding treatments have been discredited and discontinued. For example, the treatment known as conversion therapy or reparative therapy for lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals is known to be ineffective and even harmful.

In this 250- to 500-word journal entry, you will consider current treatment methods (e.g., electroconvulsive therapy, exposure, and response prevention). Choose a current treatment method and comment on what ways future researchers might consider this current treatment barbaric or crude. Explain why you chose to comment on this treatment. What would need to happen for current acceptance of this treatment procedure to change? What are the ethical implications involved in using a questionable treatment option?

Consider any other questions that came up for you over the course of this week’s assignments. You may share as much or as little as you wish, as long as it is evident in your journal that you have taken the time to reflect.

Your journal will be graded based on whether or not you provided a substantial and thoughtful entry.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your journal