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 Each question needs 3-4 sentences under each question **This is not a essay paper** Please leave questions on paper and just insert answer. 

Final Paper 



You will be required to complete a 15-20 page, double-spaced paper (not including references), on a mental health policy issue of your choice.  The paper should briefly trace the history of the issue, describe current state and federal policies addressing the issue and discuss recommendations for future action.  You must refer to readings that have been assigned in class in your paper.  As previously stated, APA format should be used and points will be deducted for inappropriate citation style (note that we are requiring 12-15 citations for A level work). Points will also be deducted for grammatical and spelling errors.      

read the intruction uploaded and write the paper


Describe in detail at least three instances during the course of an average week that you are required to organize, calculate, and interpret numeric data. If your average week does not generally include organizing numerical data, you may need to be creative with this part of the discussion! For each of the instances you describe, explain how the use of different technology tools might make these tasks easier and more accurate. Provide multiple examples of technology tools including: portable devices (cell phones, pocket calculators, tablets), desktop computers, computer networks

Discuss any ethical, legal, and security implications of using technology to create and share numerical data.

Use properly documented sources from this course or other valid outside resources to justify, support, and expand on your response.

By the due date assigned, post your initial response of at least 150 words to the Discussion Area. 

This week, we have discussed issues related to gender and sexuality. You should have some idea of the ways that both biology and society shape our expectations and views of both males and females. Sometimes, however, the issue is not so clear-cut. If you are not familiar with the terms “hermaphrodite” or “intersex,” I suggest that you look them up before participating in this week’s discussion. Then link to and read the following account:

This is obviously a very tragic case on many levels.

1.) What does this case tell you about the power of biology?

2.) Does it support or refute Dr. Money’s (and others’) apparent view that children are a “blank slate,” and that they can successfully transition from one sex to another if it is done early enough in childhood?

3.) Given what happened to David Reimer, what would be your opinion now on whether “sex reassignment surgery” should be done on infants or young children who are born with an intersex condition? Support your argument with empirical research findings.

Two 500 words paper to summarize two psychology literature articles, and discussing how it is relevant to the course.

Last week we discussed the importance of ongoing communication with kids (especially when it comes to sex and relationships). By the time kids reach the late adolescence stage their relationships are more complex, as are the issues they face. Based on the reading and your personal experiences, what do you think will be the most challenging part of parenting a child in this stage of development? Why? How, as a parent, can you provide support and guidance while remaining in the role of a parent?Now we will transition into the stage of adulthood. In your own words, tell us what it means to be an adult? With the economy the way it is many adults are moving back home to live with their parents. Many adult children are taking care of their aging parents. What are some of the challenges that arise (in either scenario) and suggestions for dealing with them?

300 words with 2 citation


***TYPE OR (CUT & PASTE) THE ENTIRE QUESTION AND THEN ANSWER IT. INCLUDE CORRECT NUMBERING& LETTERING, 1., 2a., 2b., 3 etc.  FOR EXAMPLE: How accurately do you think the results reflect your personality? Why or why not? (3-4 substantive sentences PER FACTOR) Use AT LEAST ONE (1) DETAILED specific example about yourself PER FACTOR! (10 points)

After having read the chapter you are no aware that there are numerous assessments or test that claim to be able to determine your personality type!  For this discussion, you will be taking

     The Big Five Personality test also referred to as the Five Factor Model.

 1. FIRST, Watch the video: Do Personality Tests Mean Anything? (If this link doesn’t work from here, go back to the module & find the link there.)

Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Written portion:  How accurately do you think the results reflect your personality? Why or why not?

(3-4 substantive sentences PER FACTOR) Use AT LEAST ONE (1) DETAILED specific example about yourself PER FACTOR!     (10 points)  According to the video, Do Personality Tests Mean Anything?:

a. Why is this assessment/test more reliable than the Myers-Briggs (MBTI)?  First, define reliability. (Chapter 2)   3-4 substantive sentences (2 points)                                           

b. Why is it more valid than the MBTI? (You must cite a different reason than the one you gave for reliability)?  First, define validity. (Chapter 2)  3-4 substantive sentences (2 points) 

Ethics should govern behavior for those who work with others. Having a strong ethics background will be the guide in moral and ethical challenges found in real life situations.

When conducting research, it is imperative that all researchers, whether they be college professors, practitioners in the field, or graduate or undergraduate students, adhere to high ethical standards in their work. Describe three different ethical standards that researchers should follow. Illustrate each one with a concrete example.


300 words with 2 citations