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What are the key distinctions between social psychology and folk wisdom? What are some problems with folk wisdom?Imagine you are driving and that a driver in another car cuts you off. You have to slam on the brakes quickly to avoid an accident. If you were using the fundamental attribution error, how would you be likely to explain the driver’s behavior? Compare and contrast how a personality psychologist and a social psychologist would attempt to explain such behavior.Compare and contrast the self-esteem approach and the social cognition approach in terms of the motivations assumed to underlie human behavior. Imagine Mary-Ellen was told by a financial advisor that her credit was bad and that she needed to budget her money and spend less. What would Mary-Ellen’s behavior and thoughts be if she were motivated by self-esteem? What if she were motivated by social cognition?Take the question, “What is the relationship between temperature and aggression?” How would researchers interested in observational methods, correlational methods, and experimental methods differ in their approach to answering this question?What are internal and external validity, and how do researchers accomplish them? Is it possible to design research that is very high in both external and internal validity?Dr. Smith conducts an experiment to test the effects of attractiveness on helping behavior. Her hypothesis is that people will help attractive people more than unattractive people. Dr. Smith decides to have either the unattractive person or the attractive person stand outside of a building with many boxes in their arms. The person will struggle to open the door to the building. From 8:00 a.m. to noon, Dr. Smith has the unattractive person needing help, and from noon to 4:00 p.m., Dr. Smith has the attractive person needing help. Dr. Smith will sit on a nearby bench recording how many people help the person to open the door. Identify the dependent variable and independent variable. Does the experiment have good experimental realism? Does the experiment have good psychological realism? Does this experiment have good internal validity? Would you make any suggestions to improve the study?What is automatic processing and what are the two major types of automatic processing that people use? What is controlled processing? When do people use these different types of processing?What are the benefits and drawbacks to relying on automatic processes?Define the availability and representativeness heuristics. Give an example of each.

Submit your quiz using the APA writing style in a Word document, and place it in the appropriate assignment dropbox . Be sure to review your writing for grammar and spelling before submitting the quiz.

  David and Sarah are married and have two young children. Both David and Sarah have full-time jobs. David is an accountant, and Sarah is a lawyer.

Sarah is working on a tough case at work and often comes home from work in a bad mood. She takes out her frustration on David and the children by yelling and losing patience with them. David concludes that Sarah’s on-the-job stress is affecting her behavior at home. What are some potential sources of stress for Sarah? Which model of work-family conflict do you think best explains what Sarah is experiencing — the spillover model, the compensation model, or the segmentation model? If you were an employer, what types of work-life supports would you offer? Discuss the advantages, risks, and considerations of each work-life support. Provide a summary of coping skills and techniques Sarah may utilize to combat stress and strain.

How does ideology inform curriculum? How does one’s positionality ( as a student,) impact one’s response to curriculum (or creation of curriculum)? How do politics and ideology impact the tenor of a teacher’s work (labor)?


I’m a graduate student. majoring education. 

This is 1-2 page, double spaced, in APA style answer.

(About 4-5 paragraphs)


In your work at a residential treatment center (RTC) for adolescents, several problems related to the delivery of group and recreational therapy services to the residents have become evident.

The program director would like you to choose 1 of the following problem areas, and develop a research proposal:Residents are not opening up during group process meetings (there seems to be a lack of trust or cohesion in the group).When reporting during individual therapy sessions, residents find it difficult to describe how the recreational therapy activity for the week has helped them with the resolution of their issues.The boss has observed that during the group process meetings, many of the residents are not paying attention (i.e., they are not engaged in the flow of the session).The boss reports that he or she has noticed that when residents return from recreational therapy activities, many of them are complaining about being sore (pain in their muscles).apa format.. 1 1/2 pages 2 at the most willing to pay 7 total

This week you are exploring the characteristics of our species and the role we play in our ecosystem. Two terms commonly used to describe an organism’s place in the environment is their “habitat” and their “niche.” A habitat is defined as an area inhabited by particular species. A niche is defined as the role (job), activities and resources used by an organism. For example, a polar bear’s habitat is the arctic whereas its niche is to swim, eat fish, walruses and seals, and to take care of polar bear cubs. Have you ever considered the characteristics of your niche or thought about what might happen if you were forced to switch to another niche? This Assignment will give you the opportunity to compare and contrast the niche that you live in with an assigned niche (described below).

Your essay should include:A description of your personal niche and of your assigned niche highlighting the similarities and differences.A description of your personal habitat and your assigned habitat highlighting the similarities and differences.Consider what characteristics would provide a survival advantage to you or to the individuals who currently occupy each niche and habitat.How have humans adapted to the two habitats and niches?What difficulties might you have living in the assigned niche and why?What types of cultural adaptations have evolved from living in your niche? Your assigned niche?Your discussion should consider any biological adaptations as well; things such as dealing with food spoilage, insect vector control, food and waterborne illnesses, etc

ASSIGNED NICHE’An Ecologist Studying Penguin Mating in the Arctic APA Style minimum 750 words

Action Planning 


a) Rewrite the three personal or professional goals you identified in Section II-a as DAPPS goals (dated, achievable, personal, positive, specific). These three larger goals will inform your sub-goals for stress management.


b) Consider the DAPPS goals you identified in Section IV-a, and identify three sub-goals that address ways you can better cope with stress as you work towards your larger goals. These three goals become your action steps. Like your three main goals, your sub-goals should be DAPPS.


c) Explain how each supporting action step you identified relates back to psychological concepts and the stressors of your own daily life. How, specifically, will accomplishing each of these goals help to minimize your stress? What specific benefits do you think you will gain from achieving your sub-goals?


Approach this as an opportunity to reflect upon and apply what you learn this week and as an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise based on your educational and professional experiences in the past. As a successful professional, you will need good reflective and writing skills. Journal activities offer you the opportunity to further develop these skills. Review this tutorial for information on creating a Blackboard journal entry.  


Guidelines for Submission: Your submission should be 400–500 words in length. 

Read the information about Measuring the Activities of Daily Living: Comparisons Across National Surveys. Next look at this PDF: Checklist of Activities of Daily Living for determining whether or not a person needs help. Put yourself in the place of someone that has a problem with these activities. What would you feel like if you had some difficulties with these activities? How would you try to maintain your independence? What would you want your family to do to help take care of you?

The completed assignment should be at least 450 words in length, APA format, 3 references.


Topic: Driving safety and types of distractions


Your final paper should be double-spaced, 8 to 10 pages in length, and properly edited.

Please use the following information to help you with each section:Cover page: Pay attention to APA style and refer to the example in your textbook.

 Abstract: Is written on its own page and is a very brief summary of your study. Think in terms of one sentence stating your research question, one or two sentences regarding background and what we already know about it, one or two sentences regarding your methodology (e.g., how many participants were used and how were your variables assessed), and one or two sentences about your findings.

 Intro/lit review: incorporate the feedback and make revisions to the introduction and literature review submitted in Week 4.

 Method section: incorporate the feedback and make revisions to the Method section submitted in Week 4.

 Results section: in one paragraph, state what statistical test would have been used and why it was chosen. 

 Discussion section: broken down into the following paragraphs:

paragraph 1: statement of your results/findings (or what you imagine might be your results).

paragraph 2: what might have affected those results (i.e., threats to internal and external validity). Include flaws in your design and confounding variables.

paragraph 3: implications for your findings including the significance and impact on the field as well as future research directions. Reference page: Pay attention to APA style and refer to the example in your textbook.Assignment 1 Grading Criteria  Maximum Points

Abstract: Clear and concise review of most important components of the research study. Met the required word count. 44

Literature review: Convincing evidence is given that a thorough review of literature was completed and  a variety of sources (at least 4) are appropriate and directly used to support hypothesis44

Methods: Clear understanding of participants for research study20

Measures or Instruments: Measures/instruments used in research study are identified and accurate.20

Procedure: Procedures for research study are identified and accurate.20

Ethical Issues: Presentation of possible ethical issues and solutions is clear and convincing and present APA ethical guidelines.36

Results and Discussion section: Anticipated results, flaws, Implications for results, Future directions 52Writing Components (20% of LASA 2 grade)

Organization (16 points): Introduction, Thesis, Transitions, and Conclusion.

Usage and Mechanics (16 points): Grammar, Spelling, and Sentence structure.

APA Elements (24 points): Attribution, Paraphrasing, and Quotations.

Style (8 points): Audience, and Word Choice.64Total: 300

In the previous assignments, you have determined what research question would best address one of the 4 concerns that the program director expressed. Your research in preparing the annotated bibliography in Week 2 has given you some expertise about the topic of the research question. You also know about the quantitative and qualitative research designs and can identify the methods used.

For this assignment, you must address the following:Select the design or type of research method that will best answer your research question.Identify why you would choose this design and method.

Your paper of 2–3 pages should articulate the primary reasons why this approach is the most effective in answering the question that you developed in Week 1.

It should also state how you would apply this design and method of research to the question.