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ASSIGNMENT: “Ethics and Punishment Paper”

Write  a 350- to 700-word paper discussing the following:

 Briefly describe a personal situation in which punishment could be used.What are some of the possible areas of concern with punishment? Which do you feel is most concerning? When would an extinction procedure be more beneficial? How would you implement the procedure?Include in your answer possible side effects as well as ethical considerations that must be followed.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

please see the attachment and write 5 paragraphs in 2 pages about any topic related to early adulthood, you’ll want to narrow it down, be more specific. 

also, outline for the essay.

and the third paper include 2 references

the first one from discovering the lifespan 3rd edition book

the second one from internet 

attachment 1 is guidelines and paper sample 

attachment 2 is example for the essay


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Respond to the following questions in complete sentences and paragraphs and be 200–250 words in length in MS Word making sure to follow APA format and cite all references used:


What are some of the risk factors associated with sexual activity during adolescence and potential consequences?

What are some of the community-based programs that provide services to address premarital sex in adolescence? In your opinion, are these effective? Support your response


The following reference may be used: Zastrow, Charles, Karen Kirst-Ashman. Brooks/Cole Empowerment Series: Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment. Cengage Learning, 02/2012. VitalSource Bookshelf Online.


Consider the eras, life histories, and personalities of Freud and Rogers.

Identify two research articles published in the last 5 years: one that investigates a psychoanalytic or Freudian construct and one that investigates a client-centered, humanistic, or Rogerian construct.

Write a 1,050- to 1,100-word paper about Freud and Rogers that addresses the following: Provide a summary of each article, highlighting the processes that contemporary psychologists use to develop the theories of Freud and Rogers. Explain their views of human nature and their worldviews as expressed in their respective theories. Which aspect of their theory do you think would be different if they were alive and working today? Explain how social and cultural factors influenced the development of Freud’s and Rogers’ respective theories of personality.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines CItes also  APA format please


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A person’s relationships are usually significant contributors to his or her life happiness, well-being, and mental health throughout the life span. At each stage of life, different levels and types of relationships are developed, nurtured, and in some cases, terminated. As Sternberg argues, there are varying types of love that lead to relationships. They are defined by varying levels of intimacy, passion, and commitment in Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love. Specifically, the levels of love include:



Companionate love

Romantic love

Empty love

Fatuous love

Infatuated love

Consummate love


Much of the research on relationships suggests that not only are there varying levels of love that lead to different types of relationships, but how individuals develop, maintain, and live in relationships is dependent upon gender and cultural factors. Relationships are complicated and though there may be norms within specific cultures, the norms across cultures vary significantly. In addition, norms may be changing. And, as with any change, the implications can be far reaching.


To prepare for this assignment:


Gender: Psychological Perspectives . Focus on the gender-related differences and similarities in the different levels and types of relationships: friendship, love, dating, marriage and committed relationships, and dissolution of relationships.

Select a culture that is different from your own (which is the United States)   . Think about the following questions as you compare this culture to your own. These topics are expansive, so focus on the gender-related role differences for this assignment.


What are the gender-related role differences in:

Friendship building and maintenance over the life span?

Romantic love and dating?

Marriage and committed relationships?

Termination of committed relationships and marriage?

For each of these topics (friendship, romantic love and dating, marriage and committed relationships, and relationship termination), think about how roles may be changing in the two cultures – your own and the one you selected that is different from your own. Think about the impact that these changes might have on society.




The assignment (2–3 pages):


Concisely analyze gender-related role differences in two of the following relationship levels and types between your own culture (which is the United States) and a different culture:


Romantic love and dating


Termination of committed relationships

Explain how these roles may be changing in these two cultures and how role changes might impact individuals and society.


Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation.






must be new and original work. all point must be covered, and in apa format. use at least 2 peer reviewed sources.


Create a 900-1000 word-paper addressing the following:Identify the federal guidelines—statutory, case law, and American Psycological Association (APA)—for psychological tests.Describe some of the cases influential in bringing about the federal government’s involvement in the use of tests in the forensic setting.Determine the effect of the federal guidelines in ensuring whether assessment reports are accurate and unbiased.

In preparation for a PowerPoint….


1.       The history of psychology in policing

2.       The role that the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 plays in the hiring and evaluation process of police officers.

3.       The ethical conflicts which are unique to police psychologists.

Examples of credible sources include journal articles, government reports, reports from reputable non-for-profit entities like the Pew Center or the Vera Institute, book chapters, reports from a reputable professional societies like the American Psychological Association, The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, The American Society of Criminology; magazine or newspaper articles from a reliable source like the Police Chief Magazine, The New Yorker, Time Magazine or The Washington Post.


Give the proper APA citation for your article as it would appear in the reference page of your presentation, a brief summary of the main points of your source (about 300 words), and either attach the article to your post or provide a working link.

A counselor’s own perception of psychopathology is extremely important in the diagnostic process.

Using the case study of “Tina” in the topic one lecture, write a 500-750word essay in which you examine your thought process about her presenting issues. Include the following in your paper:Discuss the historic and cross-cultural perspectives of psychopathology that could potential impact the diagnosis and treatment of Tina.After reviewing the several diagnoses that could pertain to Tina from the DSM-5, what is your diagnostic impression?Substantiate your diagnostic impression with appropriate criteria from the DSM-5.

In preparing for the written part of the case study, you should carefully review your transcript and field notes. Then, identify common themes or patterns that emerge based on the interviews and observations.

In the paper, the student must discuss the characteristics and behaviors exhibited by this child, focusing upon social, emotional, behavioral, and academic strengths and concerns as gathered from direct observations and the information provided by parents, caregivers, and child. Describe the similarities and differences of this child’s growth and development in relation to the information provided in the course text. Crucially, the case study needs to include an analysis of the child grounded by at least two different theories of child development as presented or learned during the course. The case study requires a minimum of two research articles connecting the chosen theories of child development in relation to the child. An annotated reference list should include these two research articles. Field notes (typed, rather than raw notes) should be included as an appendix. The student’s confidentiality is essential. A pseudonym must be used in place of the child’s first and last names.

This case study assignment will be a minimum of seven pages. This assignment will be rubric scored based on the elements identified above



In this Assignment, you will research the HEART and its complexity. Your APA-formatted essay minimum words 750 should include:

 A general description of The HEART in the introduction. In the general description, you will include the following: a brief description of the primary functions of this organ, its general shape, and the location of this organ in the human body.Describe in detail the importance of this organ to the function of the body as a whole. What are the functions of this organ and how is it critical for survival?Identify and describe which of the four tissue types (epithelial, connective, muscle, and/or nervous tissues) are present in the organ.Describe any organ-specific cell types that are present and if these cell types have any special structures (e.g., presence of microvilli and/or abundance of particular organelle such as mitochondria).Discuss in detail how these different cell-types work together to provide the overall function of the organ.Include a discussion of why each organ requires the different tissue types as well as unique cell types to function. Why can the organs not be comprised of just one cell type? What is the advantage of having so many different types of cells?  

 The essay should be a minimum of 750 words in length not counting the cover page and reference list. Introduction and conclusion required.